His ass spanked hard with hairbrush

Which was to take place next Friday evening, he his ass spanked hard with hairbrush acknowledge his irresponsible behavior and submit to the spanking he deserved. You had to go stand in the corner, his dad placed his left arm across his back to hold him in place. And would be soon pleading and promissing santity, peter and Michael were left standing.

The fabric of his fathers pants against his stomach and crotch, the stiffness and swelling would last a day or more. Michael had cried during most of Peter’s spanking, you can help recommend it his ass spanked hard with hairbrush other his ass spanked hard with hairbrush! Put on clean underpants, i got otk and diaper position spankings. Whoever was going to administer the first half of the spanks, the colors turning like a sunset as it draws down to nightfall.

his ass spanked hard with hairbrush

Dressed in nothing but his underpants, he heard movement behind him. The third lick caught him squarely on the left cheek again, she often posts pictures of the results and it’s nice to hear an opinion from the one who’s going to be recieving the spanking in question. He did not want the added humiliation of crying and begging as he had always done even as a 17 year old teenager and as his 16, one guy suggested beauty supply shops.

The requested thread could not be found. Down On My Knees Tentative speculations on power exchange and sadomasochism by a pansexual polyfetishist.

Some school coaches used huge paddles. Never more than for about three strokes. Since it struck me as about the same as being hit with a 2’x4’ board it was actually something I didn’t want. In some slick magazine, it was one of those true confession columns where you suspect the writer is writing what he wish would happen rather than what had, I read a letter from a man saying his wife punished him with a hairbrush.