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By giving Zoe everything she’s every wanted, her parents have created a monster – she wouldn’t trade her life for anything, but her expectations have become a little troublesome. She has known her best friend forever and they do everything together, but the problem is Zoe’s attraction to her friend’s dad. She thinks it’s just teasing – but Zoe knows different.

She knows if she pushes him in the right direction, she will continue to get everything she wants. My buddy’s favorite porn star Ella Knox, and she’s available for his penthouse bachelor party. But with that white lace lingerie, fishnets, heels and humongous natural tits, I think she’s already passed.

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Adorable ebony Daisy Cooper has come over to Eddie Jaye’s beautiful home to babysit. This girl is really is hot.

She has a tight little body with an innocent look about her that can drive a guy crazy. After Eddie shows her around the place, he tells her he is pressed for time and has to leave. She is so excited that she gets to hang out in such a nice house. Ryan picks up cute cheerleader Ember Stone before taking her to the hotel.