Side effects of breast cancer chemotherapy

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side effects of breast cancer chemotherapy

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Chemotherapy Side Effects What causes side effects? Cancer cells tend to grow fast, and chemo drugs kill fast-growing cells. But because these drugs travel throughout the body, they can affect normal, healthy cells that are fast-growing, too. Some chemo drugs can damage cells in the heart, kidneys, bladder, lungs, and nervous system. Sometimes, you can take medicines with the chemo to help protect your body’s normal cells.

There are also treatments to help relieve side effects. Doctors try to give chemo at levels high enough to treat cancer, while keeping side effects at a minimum.

They also try to avoid using multiple drugs that have similar side effects. What do I need to know about side effects?

Every person doesn’t get every side effect, and some people get few, if any. Be sure to talk to your cancer care team about which side effects are most common with your chemo, how long they might last, how bad they might be, and when you should call the doctor’s office about them. Your doctor may give you medicines to help prevent certain side effects before they happen. Some chemo drugs cause long-term side effects, like heart or nerve damage or fertility problems.